Beggar My Neighbour. May 2016

Author: Dancing Diva
February 19, 2017

Beggar my NeighbourReview

Beggar My Neighbour 5th – 7th May 2016

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From the pen of Arnold Ridley, Beggar My Neighbour is a farce that tells the story of a family who have the luxury of a television only for the neighbours to be constantly round to watch it. As in all farces we are introduced to a series of misunderstandings and situations that finally unravel themselves to bring the story to a conclusion.

Victoria Hall had a vast array of talent on show in this production, led ably by real life husband and wife team Roger and Natalie Quinn in the roles of Jill and Jim Norton. Keeping the family theme going was another husband and wife team of Linda and Barry Massey. Linda’s cameo role as neighbour, Mrs Rignold, at the beginning of the farce helped to introduce the story and Barry’s appearance later in the proceedings as Harry Rignold brought the comedy aspect of the piece to life. Also providing the laughs through her portrayal of Mrs Entwistle was Anne Dixon. Anne certainly knows how to bring a character to life whilst keeping it at a level that does not go over the top.

With supporting performances from Emma Dearden, Robert Goodier and Brendan Higgins this was a very enjoyable and well-presented production under the direction of Ray Darby and Dawn Hargreaves.

The set was very effective and all areas of it were well used, depending on the action taking place.

Graham Cohen.


DR Cast

DR Linda Nat Roger Barry 1







DR Emma Anne Nat Roger 1

DR Linda Nat Roger Barry 2

DR Brendan Nat Roger 1


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