Love in Mist. May 2015

Author: Dancing Diva
February 19, 2017

Love in a Mist pic 2015


Victoria Hall ADS
Victoria Hall, Knowsley Street, Bolton


Monday 11 May 2015

VICTORIA Hall’s latest offering, penned by Kenneth Horne and directed by Ray Darby and Dawn Hargreaves, is more of a romantic comedy than farce, dealing with the frustrations and friction that can occur when four people are cooped up together in one place for a full weekend.

The plot, which is a little dated when compared to contemporary morals, involves newlyweds Nigel and Pat (Matt Wilkinson and Courtney Hargreaves) who end up stranded on their wedding night at the Exmoor bungalow bed and breakfast of Mr and Mrs Evans due to an impenetrable mist.

Not too bad, as there is an available room for the couple to share — however, enter Howard and Rose (Roger and Natalie Quinn), a real-life married couple playing a pair pretending to be married.

Rose confides in Pat about the mistake she has made in agreeing to spend the weekend with Howard, and the scene is set for a frustrating start to married life for the honeymooners.

Ann Dixon puts in a comical, face-gurning performance as the moralistic Mrs Evans, and veteran actor Barry Massey completes the cast as the taciturn Mr Evans.

The set is convincing and sound cues were appropriate and well-timed.

Peter Haslam


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