List Of Shows

Author: Victoria Hall ADS
September 19, 2010

Although we’ve made every effort to find all the history of shows our society has done over the years, there may be some shows we have missed out.  However, here is a list of shows dating back to 1955.


Smoking Flax—-1955

Nothing else found before this but we feel there were shows prior.


Isn’t Life Dull?—-1956

It’s Never Too Late—-1957

Leap in the Dark—-1957

A Star Comes Home—-1958

Random Harvest—-1958

Christmas Rose—-1959

The Time of Your Life—-1960

Ghost Train—-1966


VHYC +ADS (before revamp)

Post Horn Gallop—-1967

Robin Hood (Babes in the Wood)—-1968

The Janus Case—-1968

Mother Goose—-1969


Queen of Hearts—-1970

Out of the Frying Pan—-1970?

This section is probably complete.


VHADS (after revamp)

Jack and the Beanstalk—-1975

Lucky for Some—-1975


Mystery at Abbots Mead—-1976

Wild Goose Chase—-1976


Post Horn Gallop—-1977

Babes in the Wood—-1978

Dick Whittington—-1979

Strictly Business—-1979

A Festival Music Hall—-1979

Mother Goose—-1980

Ghost Train—-1980

Fish out of Water—-1981


Variety Music Hall—-1982


Mother Goose—-1984?

Robinson Crusoe—-1985

Variety Cavalcade—-1985

Red Riding Hood—-1986

Jack and the Beanstalk—-1987

Variety Spotlight—-1987

Sleeping Beauty—-1988?

Variety Showcase—-1988

Dick Whittington—-1989

This is Music Hall—-1989



Variety Star Time—-1991

Robinson Crusoe—-1992

The Janus Case—-1992

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs—-1993

Sleeping Beauty—-1994

Lucky for Some—-1994

Mother Goose—-1995

Play On—-1995

Beauty and the Beast—-1996

The Telephone Never Rings—-1996

Sing On—-1996


Out of Sight, Out of Murder—-1997

Babes in the Wood—-1998

Wild Goose Chase—-1998


Post Horn Gallop—-1999

Jack and the Beanstalk—-2000

Hopes and Dreams—-2000

Clerical Errors—-2000

Mr Hunter—-2000

Dick Whittington—-2001

While the Circus Passes—-2001

Thriller of the Year—-2001

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs—-2002

Beside the Seaside—-2002

Puss in Boots—-2003

Basinful of the Briny—-2003


Good Old Summertime—-2004


Lucky for Some—-2005

Babes in the Wood—-2006

The Late Mrs Early—-2006

Sleeping Beauty—-2007

Murder Weekend—-2007

Dick Whittington—-2008

They Call it Murder—-2008

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs—-2009

Big Bad Mouse—-2009

Beauty and the Beast—-2010

Settle for Murder—-2010

Mother Goose—-2011


Strike Happy—-2012

Once Upon A Pantomime—-2013

Edge Of Darkness—-2013



Jack and the Beanstalk—–2015

Love in a Mist—–2015

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs—–2016

Beggar My Neighbour—–2016

Puss in Boots—–2017