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Devil Lay Me Down by Ean Kessler

Author: Victoria Hall ADS
August 8, 2014

Early 2013 I visited a relative in New York and was introduced to an aspiring actor/ writer by the name of Ean Kessler. As I am from the amateur dramatics, we hit it off straight away. We talked about our many experiences on stage, good and bad. It’s always nice to meet somebody who shares the same interests but when it’s somebody who is as advanced as Ean, then you can’t get better than that.

As we both continued to keep in touch, we both discussed about scripts we’ve written. Ean has given me a few pointers regarding a script I’m currently bringing alive plus allowing us at Victoria Hall to bring one of his plays alive. Unfortunately, due to the nature and content of the play, we couldn’t make that happen. Performing in a church restricts many plays from being performed regardless of how good the play is.

However, Ean is pursuing a dream of bringing one of his plays “Devil Lay Me Down” to the stage and needs a little help doing so. I will let him tell you more about it:

Devil Lay Me Down


“Devil Lay Me Down” is a new play by Ean Miles Kessler, and will premiere at Theater for the New City, with the Dream Up Festival in August. We’ve got an incredible team working on this project–with Stephen D’Ambrose, Mara Gannon, and Joe Williamson starring, David Delaney directing. and Glenn Quentin producing–and we’re thrilled to be working with such an incredible venue and festival.

But we need your help. There are dozens of costs in making a play a reality–from rehearsal space, to props and costumes, to paying all of our talented collaborators–and in order to bring this piece to life, we are looking to raise $5,000. We’re offering a whole bunch of perks for helping us out, including signed memorabilia from the show, Haikus written by the Devil himself, invites to the cast party after the final show, shout-outs for your own personal projects, and much more. Any help you can offer is tremendously appreciated.

The Play Itself…


devil lay me down“Devil Lay Me Down” centers on Julian Carthy, as he returns from prison to his father’s trailer on the Texas-Mexico border. There he finds his father Marcus, living with Ro—his much younger live-in girlfriend. And when a spark of interest lights between Julian and Ro, old tensions seethe between father and son, drawing Julian’s brutal past to the surface. A modern Western, at its heart “Devil Lay Me Down” is a brutal love story, and love song to the American West.

Our Goals…


This is a workshop production, and our aim is to make it fairly bare-bones, so as to minimize costs, and any contribution you can give will help to make this show a reality. No amount is too small, and everything is much appreciated. This piece began as a through-line in another play that we produced in 2012, called “King’s River.” If you helped with that fundraising campaign, we cannot thank you enough. Now, we’re trying to do the same thing for “Devil.” Fortunately, our monetary goal is much smaller this time–$5,000, a fraction of what “King’s River” cost. You’ll be helping us build a new play, one that we’ve been working on for over 2 years now. This piece has finally reached the next step in its gestation, and it needs to be put up on it’s legs in front of an audience. This campaign will help do that.

We want to get as much notice as we can for all of the artists we have collaborating with us on this project. We’re tremendously proud of all the work that they’ve done, and it’s very important to us that they be recognized for all of their dedication. Our hope is that this workshop production will lead to other extended productions in the near-future, and we want everyone affiliated with this play to grow and benefit from this experience. But most of all, we want to put on a great show. We hope you can help with this venture.



Below is a budget for “Devil” so you can see up-front where your money will be going:

Devil Lay Me Down Budget

Festival Participation Fee: $500

Rehearsal space: $2,000

Actor Stipend: $1,500, ($500/actor)

Stage Managers Stipend: $250

Lighting Design Stipend: $200

Sound Design Stipend: $150

Props Budget: $225

Costumes: $175

TOTAL: $5,000

Other Ways You Can Help…


Thank you all tremendously for all of your support; we can’t say how much we appreciate it. Please take a moment and like us on Facebook (search for event: “Devil Lay Me Down”), follow us on Twitter @DevilLayMeDown, and check out our website ( It’s a small gesture, and only takes a second, but truly helps to boost awareness for the show. Help spread the word, and invite your friends to like us and follow us. And share our Indiegogo campaign with friends and family.

For tickets to the play, go to:



– Brendan Higgins