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How Generous Are You?

Author: Victoria Hall ADS
October 12, 2014

Over the past few months there was a phenomenon that took over the world in the shape of the Ice Bucket Challenge. What was this challenge about? It was to raise money and awareness for MND (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) or Macmillan Cancer Support. There are a few other charities that people opted for when taking part in their own challenge but nevertheless it was for a good cause.

Now, during the months that Bolton was heavily populating Youtube and Facebook with the Ice Bucket Challenges including myself and other members of Victoria Hall, we at Victoria Hall had been rehearsing Drama Sunday which was themed around Generosity. This was performed in front of a congregation at the beginning of September.

We all have our views about generosity but as it turns out, the ice bucket challenge has proven how generous people can be. So, as I thought our theme is about generosity, I thought I’d share what we’ve done. Here are a few videos of one of our rehearsals. Sorry about the lighting and sound etc but I hope you enjoy what we’ve done.


Just What Is Generous









You Can’t Do That



The Drama Sunday Show



If, after watching the videos you enjoy what we do, why not come along on a Thursday night and get involved. For more information, contact here.