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January 21, 2016

Ray DarbyJanuary means different things to different people and whether you’ve kept your New Years Resolutions or not, you can still achieve whatever it is you want to accomplish. For us at Victoria Hall, Bolton, our aim is to put on a show everyone in the group can be proud of. With just two shows Of “Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs” out of the seven left, we can safely say that we have accomplished just that.

It takes a lot of effort and hard work to put on a show and a lot of that work has been put in by those you don’t see on stage. The directors Ray Darby (pictured above) and Dawn Hargreaves make sure everything runs smoothly, from rehearsals right up to the nights of the shows. The choreographers teach the dancing and look after all the children that are involved in the show. Then you have the lighting, sound, wardrobe, backstage crew and refreshments. Parents of all the children in the cast often get involved too. So it’s not just the people you see on stage that are the stars of the show.

Adam On SoundDespite the credit given to the above, a show can’t be put on unless there is a script and Barry Massey is our writer for the Panto. He also plays the dame too! Barry is also open to let others help with the writing process. It allows more ideas to flow into a script. With lighthearted humour, the cast have a really good time putting on a show and the audience really do get involved in the story ‘Oh yes they do!’

So, with two shows left and at the time of writing this, Friday’s show is almost sold out. It looks like another successful production from Victoria Hall as the Panto is coming to the end. This is what the reviewer “Paul Cohen” had to say about it:

Snow WhitePanto season is far from over thanks to Victoria Hall ADS

Tuesday 19 January 2016/Theatre/The Bolton News

 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Victoria Hall ADS

Until Saturday

“WITH a colourful opening chorus and an array of delightful characters, the panto season continues with this traditional feast of family fun.

Written by Barry Massey, Snow White (Katie Barnes) is treated as a slave by her evil step mother Queen Evilene, played with an abundance of energy by Anne Dixon. The arrival of Prince Bob (Natalie Quinn) convinces the Queen that he has come along to ask her to marry him; little knowing that it is Snow White who he has set his cap at.

As Snow White is banished to the woods she happens upon a cottage which houses the Seven Dwarfs who befriend her and make her feel she has worth. Anna Quinn, Hollie Daley, Morgan-Grace Pennington-Rothwell, Maya Gola, Sophie Neasham, Leah Grungy and Eleanor Smart star as the dwarfs and give us some great comedy moments and one-liners.

Barry Massey as Nurse Dolly and Matthew Wilkinson as Cheeky provide audience participation aplenty with the sing a long being the pinnacle of a great nights entertainment.

The choreography by Dawn Hargreaves and Courtney Hargreaves was in keeping with the choice and music and was executed effectively by the well-drilled chorus.

With every effort taken to ensure costumes, scenery and props were just right, especially the costume and make up of Gruesome the Gory Goblin played Robert Goodier, this was an all-round enjoyable production.”


Paul Cohen


Want To Get Involved But Don’t Know How?

It takes a lot of courage to get up on stage on any capacity and many individuals in this production have done so for the very first time. You wouldn’t have thought so watching it as everyone looked very comfortable in their roles and played their characters very well. I’ve said this to many people who have shown interest, you don’t have to be really talented or even have a good memory as long as you’re reliable and able to work with other people. So, if you’d like to get involved whether on stage or behind the scenes, then get in touch. You never know, you might just enjoy yourself. Contact us here if you’d like to see how you can be involved. Be part of the winning team!!


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