Amateur Dramatics Society – Welcome to VHADS

Author: Victoria Hall ADS
November 18, 2015

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Victoria Hall ADS are part of the Bolton Amateur Dramatics scene and are based in the town centre of Bolton. We are also a member of B.A.T.S. (Bolton Amateur Theatre Societies) and closely linked to many members from other groups.

Bolton Methodist Mission, Victoria Hall is a thriving Christian church and with kind permission, the church allowed many of its congregation to use the lower hall to perform plays and pantomimes. Although the exact date the amateur dramatic group started is unknown, you can check out the history here.

The productions at VHADS consist of a play in May and the annual Pantomime in January. As a ‘Thank You’ to the Church, the group put together a performance known as ‘Drama Sunday’ with a religious theme, which this year is entitled ‘That Was The Year That Was’, based on the church calendar. This will be presented in early September in the main church.

There are various things to consider when staging shows in order for them to work. From set building to lighting, acting to costumes, there are many different elements to ensure
Front of church that the show is a successful one. The core members of the group are fully committed to this success and meet every Thursday night, regardless of production. The only night the society members don’t meet up is if Christmas Day happens to fall on a Thursday!

However, anyone who wants to act, sing, dance or would like to take part in any other way, or who simply wishes to lend a hand, is more than welcome to join us. At this society, we like to think we give everyone a chance to shine whether with past experience or completely new. If amateur dramatics sounds like a hobby you wish to pursue, then why not contact us through the details below:

Barry Massey

01204 845493  or  07794195920